The sound of Ed can help really assists clear thinking! Who knew? I thought that it would be worth mentioning this aspect of what Ed can help can do for you, because it’s come up twice this week in the therapy room. Two new patients whom I was seeing both arrived with very full, complicated, … Read more

I’m feeling anxious right now. What can I do? When I see a patient, and very often for the first time, they often come into the therapy room feeling anxious, and in a state of high anxiety. This is likely because it’s the presenting issue that needs to be reduced rapidly, in the short-medium, and … Read more

Can sound therapy help with Tinnitus Tinnitus and Sound Therapy The history of Tinnitus Tinnitus has likely been a part of human experience for as long as humans have been able to perceive sound. However, the medical condition of tinnitus, characterized by the perception of sound in the absence of any external source, has been … Read more

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What’s the difference between stress and anxiety? What’s stress? Stress is normally a response to external stressors, which can be either one-off or ongoing. These can include: The first step to recognising stress is to notice its effect on your mind and body. Although the origin of stress is usually psychological, the signs of it … Read more

Signs you might be suffering from burnout What is Burnout? Mental Health UK sums up burnout as a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. This may be a result of long-term stress at work or an instance where you’ve been in a physically or emotionally draining role or situation for a long time. We’re going … Read more

Talking therapy and trauma What is trauma? Trauma is an emotional response to a shocking and upsetting event. Whether as a result of a one-off or ongoing experience, trauma is your body’s protective instincts kicking in. The long-term effects of trauma include: Whether or not the trauma you’ve experienced is physical, it can still have … Read more

Technology and Wellbeing Pros Ease of information With technology in our hands, we can access information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find. There are countless sources on the internet that can help you take control over your health, such as wellbeing guides, podcasts, online textbooks and articles.  This knowledge can empower us … Read more

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