Different types of therapy Counselling When you’re going through difficulties in life, counselling can help. It’s a form of talking therapy that provides support to help you make more sense of your thoughts and feelings. Most counselling sessions take place as part of a planned schedule and are completely confidential.  According to the NHS, counselling … Read more

The science behind Ed can Help The relationship between health and sound Your brain is constantly emitting electrical activity, which can be displayed as brainwaves. There are several different types of brainwaves – their frequency changes depending on the mental or physical activity being performed. An EEG (electroencephalogram) measures brain waves through electrodes placed across … Read more

How has therapy evolved since the pandemic? Loneliness Enforced quarantine and social isolation have seen more people than ever struggling with their mental health. A survey carried out by Mind revealed that one in six adults sought mental health support for the first time in their lives during the coronavirus pandemic.  This could be in … Read more

What does ‘Feeling Sound’ mean to you? Barriers to happiness Many factors can come into play to lower our mood and make life less enjoyable. These can be anything from workplace stress to illness. Take loneliness, for instance. It’s something we’ve probably all struggled with at some point during the pandemic. The negative effects of … Read more

What is sound therapy? Where did sound therapy come from? It isn’t easy to pin down the exact origins of sound therapy. Some say there’s evidence of sound therapies being used as far back as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.  It seems like ancient civilisations commonly used sound therapy as a tool for prayer and … Read more