I really struggle with sleep. I follow all the conventional guidelines and yet I still have difficulties. Can you help? Difficulty sleeping tends to fall into two categories: struggling to get to sleep in the first place, and waking up during the night and not being able to drop off again. Several years ago I … Read more

I want to control my drinking this summer, can you help me? The issue of alcohol, and how much we tend to drink, comes up regularly twice a year: Christmas, when everybody’s thinking of the parties, and Summer, with holidays and hopefully sunny gatherings outside. If you do a Google search of ways to reduce … Read more

I’m feeling anxious right now. What can I do? When I see a patient, and very often for the first time, they often come into the therapy room feeling anxious, and in a state of high anxiety. This is likely because it’s the presenting issue that needs to be reduced rapidly, in the short-medium, and … Read more

How can I treat my anxiety, and start to feel better? We instinctively seem to recognise anxiety when we have it, what we’re feeling, and how unpleasant it can be, but often struggle to describe what it actually is. It’s a slippery fish. Is it an emotional feeling, negative thinking, or a physical sensation? For … Read more