Making therapy that works, accessible

Talking therapy comes with a hefty price tag. Not to mention, talking can feel pretty hard, right?

That’s why Ed Sim, a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist on his own mental health journey, developed a sound-based therapy in his Harley Street clinic that doesn’t need a sound out of you to work. Then, because he believes therapy that works needs to be more accessible, he put it in a handy app – so you can use it any time, anywhere.

A photo of Ed using Ed can Help - a Powerful Sound Based Therapy

Ed’s sound-based therapy has already been used to treat thousands of people by doctors and mental health professionals in clinical settings. It’s clinically proven to significantly improve stress, anxiety, PTSD, and overall mental health and performance.

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How does it work?

OK, here’s the science part. Your brain makes connections based on your environment and your experiences – they’re called neural circuits. Sometimes, these circuits aren’t helpful (and leave us feeling stressed or anxious, or suffering from PTSD)

Ed can Help uses acoustic frequencies that disrupt these connections, and help your brain to break up difficult memories and emotions, so it can then return to its healthy normal. It’s a little bit like hitting the reset button for your mind.

You can use the 20 minute sound sessions whenever and wherever you need them – just open the app and pop in your headphones.